Elior Itzkovitz Cohen

Elior Itzkovitz graduated from the Tel Aviv Cantorial Institute and is the student of the world-renowned Cantor (Chazzan) and conductor, Naftali Herstik

Elior’s great talent led him to perform worldwide as a lead singer and with bands. Professional collaborations include performing with David D’Or in the concert “Voices from the sky”, performing in the “kabalah center” and preforming with the Israeli poet Emile Haim Zrihan in a number of shows

In addition, Elior serves as a Chief Cantor every year for “High Holidays” at K’far Shmariyahu’s community

Music is the path which leads the heart to the spirit, to one’s roots and love. Music quivers the heart and carves memories and experiences into our souls

Music is one of the key elements in shaping the nature of an event. Many couples choose Jewish soul music so as to connect with Jewish tradition and enrich the excitement on their special day

Elior brings a unique and magical experience of Jewish soul music to your event

Elior virtuosically combines Jewish classical music with cantorial music, Chassidic music, modern Israeli music, etc

The wide variety of music styles contributes to an unforgettable Jewish-Israeli experience

Elior performs with unique and diverse musical ensembles complementing all occasions:

String quartet or grand piano for an intimate Chuppah ceremony

Ethnic style ensemble for a traditional Chuppah ceremony

Modern wind-instrument ensemble for upbeat Chassidic dancing music

Vocal choir for Shabbat Shevah Brachot / Shabbat Chatan

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