Special Productions

Every event is one-of-a-kind. Every simcha is different and unique and gets my full attention and dedication in order to create a special, exciting and unforgettable experience

Music Services

As part of my profession, I also offer music services which include accompanying the entire wedding production from start to end. Every event is tailor made to suit the audience and ensure a memorable musical experience based on the personal favorites and wishes of the couple and family

One of the productions I performed was made for a Belgian couple. The Chatan family was religious and the Kala’s family was secular. The wedding took place in Zikhron Ya’akov with the entire family that came from abroad. The couple was aiming for a small and intimate wedding. Prior to the wedding, the couple had met with the professional production team and shared their background and wishes regarding the nature of wedding they would like to have. Their preferences guided the team to tailor the right music for each part of the event


Classic Traditional Wedding

The Belgian couple expressed their wishes to conduct a traditional Chuppah with European scent and intimacy. In order to create a perfect sacred harmony, a classical ensemble of grand piano, sax, violins, cello and a harp played along the Chuppah ceremony. In addition,

I performed a commentary translation of traditional songs

This kind of music was part of the welcoming session and was sung in honor of the couple’s brothers and sisters. Later on, the songs were dedicated to the parents and to the Chatan and the Kala

Chassidic Israeli Ecstatic Music

The dancing floor was happy with Chassidic Israeli ecstatic music. We chose to use a combination of modern Chassidic Israeli music with the consideration of the couple’s different cultural backgrounds – they wanted it happy and ecstatic with a Jewish-Israeli orientation

The dance was accompanied by 5 players – bass guitar, electrical guitar, piano, drums and trumpets. The first part was Chassidic music and the second part was up-to-date Israeli music

Sacred intimate special Shabat Chatan was held in a synagogue with a leading cantor. After the praying, Shabat dinner was served. In the background we sang as an a-cappella choir all kind of hymns – holly songs, cantorial, Israeli, Chassidic and more

No doubt that the above unique musical production, the special attention to every detail and the variety of ensembles created a once in a lifetime experience that left its mark for the family and every attended guests.

I invite you to set up a meeting and tell me about yourself, your dreams and your wishful thinking for your own wedding

Together we will produce an unforgettable experience

Elior Itzkovitz.