First Album

Elior Itzkovich-Cohen’s stirring debut album contains carefully crafted

first album

Anim Zemirot

Elior is a Hassidic singer and world-renowned cantor, and a popular singer at weddings and other celebrations. He is renowned for his fresh, inspiring style and melodious voice.

Elior has performed in Israel and in Jewish communities around the world from a young age. He has acquired a large fan base and is valued by musicians and radio personalities alike, both in Israel and abroad.

Elior’s debut album features emotional performances of synagogue songs and melodies that are sure to touch every Jewish soul.

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1. Malachei Hashalom

Jewish folk music

2. Avinu Shebashamaim

Jewish folk prayer for peace

3. Barkenu

Jewish folk music, Avihu Medina

4. Birkat Habanim

Jewish folk music, Eliyahu Klein

5. Shir Lamaalot

Jewish folk music, Yossef Kardoner

6. Keter

Persian folk music

7. Im Eshkachech

Jewish folk music, Yacov Shweki

8. Mehera

Jewish folk music, Yaco Shweki

9. Anim Zmirot

Jewish Folk Music

10. Birkat Hacohanim

Jewish folk music, Liat Revner

11. Vezacheni

Jewish folk music, Baruch Levin.

12. Boi Kala

Jewish folk music

13. Brit Olam

Lyrics: Gal Sarig

14. Eshet Chail

Jewish folk music, Yizhak Vladner

15. Ana Bekoach

.Jewish folk music, Ovadia Hamama

16. Ein Od Milvado

Music: Yossi gispan. Tomer Hadedi